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We have friendly and approachable staff that are always available to ensure that your experience is as easy as possible and available to assist you where needed. The centre features safe and easy access for our disabled and special needs patrons including:

  • Basement car park lift to ground floor entry
  • Dedicated 15sqm adult change room so that carers/clients can utilise (motorised change bench and hoist)
  • Wheelchair accessible between the indoor and outdoor pool areas
  • UAT’s (universal ambulant/access toilets) throughout the centre


Aquatic Facilities

For safe and easy access for our disabled and special needs patrons our pool areas include:

  • Ramp access for the indoor program pool
  • Ramp access for the outdoor 25m and 50m pools
  • 2 aquatic “wet chairs” for patrons who require assistance, they can be used to enter pool areas
  • A portable pool hoist which can be used for access into the indoor pools and outdoor 25m pool. The hoist attachments available are a sling and seat attachment. A wet chair can also be attached to lift a patron into and out of pool water
  • UAT’s (universal ambulant/access toilets)


Pool Hoist

Above: Pool & Spa Hoist

Fitness Centre

A range of fitness equipment will be available, this includes a range of cardiovascular equipment and pin loaded equipment. For those patrons in a wheelchair, specific cardio equipment allowing the use of arms will be also available such as recumbent bicycles




Disability access toilets and change rooms are provided in the facility. These are fitted with duress alarms for emergency assistance. Lockers are available for special access patrons in the public change area. These lockers are on the lower level allowing special access patrons the ability to access lockers from a wheelchair.