Lap Lane Availability

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To ensure your lap swimming session is an enjoyable one, the following lap lane etiquette guidelines have been developed and will be monitored at the Centre.

  • Select a lane based on your ability and stroke(s) you intend to swim during your visit. Note that for safety reasons, some lanes indicate breaststroke is not permitted.
  • While swimming, keep to the left of the lane.
  • In order to pass a swimmer in front, swim past on the right, above the lane line on the bottom of the pool.
  • If you must move across any lanes, check both directions before moving. When waiting at the end of the pool, move across towards the corners of the lane to allow other swimmers to continue swimming laps.


Walk-Run lanes will be provided whenever possible. If there are no designated Walk-Run lanes, please ask one of our friendly lifeguards for the best location for a Walk-Run session.

During peak times (Monday – Friday 3.30pm - 7pm & Saturdays 7am – 1.30pm) the lap lanes may be crowded. Where possible swim during off-peak times and plan your training sessions around the event calendar.


Lap Swimming Etiquette

Waves Lane Etiquette Policy(PDF, 83KB) is to assist swimmers with information on the nuances and customs of swimming laps with others. It is also provided to avoid conflict and make everyone's experience more enjoyable and set out a framework for the operation of the Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre (WAVES) to ensure that the best possible safety is provided for the community.

The following times are provided as a guide for lane designations:

  • Slow Lane: Laps slower than 60 seconds
  • Medium Lane: Laps slower than 45 seconds
  • Medium Fast Lane: Laps slower than 40 seconds
  • Fast Lane: Laps faster than 40 seconds


Lap Lane Information

Waves will provide slow, medium and fast lap swimming space at all times to the general public in the outdoor pools.

On days there is a carnival in the 50m pool there will be lane space available in the 25m pool. 

Peak times are Monday – Friday 6:00am - 7:30am, Monday - Friday 4:00pm - 7:00pm and Saturday 7:00am - 9:30am the lap lanes may be busy. 

All our pools close at varying times within the Centres operating hours. Please see our Opening times page for specific pool closing times. 

This is a guide to the number of lanes available in the pools for public swimming and is subject to change without notice.

Please check our Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre Facebook Page for other news.

School Carnival Schedule 2023 - 2024(PDF, 81KB)