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Published by Baulkham Waves : 10-08-2017

SAWS and Squads Winter Tips

SAWS and Squads Winter Tips

1. Avoid playing in the water prior to lesson time to reduce the likelihood of getting cold. This will also help children to concentrate during their class.

2. Encourage your child to wear a swimming cap during their lesson. Swim caps have a number of benefits including keeping your child’s head warm.

3. Provide a rash vest for your child to wear during lessons. A snug fitting rash vest can add a layer of warmth.

4. Encourage your child to have a warm shower after each lesson.

5. Dry your child and their hair well with a dry towel before dressing them.

6. Dress your child warmly in long sleeve clothes, footwear and a hat. Wearing a coat will help to protect from cool winds.

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6 Tips to encourage children to keep swimming in the cooler months!

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