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The Waves squad program is designed and structured to achieve the maximum swimming potential out of each swimmer. All coaches are trained and maintain qualifications required. All programs are designed using up to date information and best practise

Swim Academy Senior Programs

Swim Academy Senior Programs Features

Swim Academy Senior Programs

Waves Swim Academy provides the perfect environment to develop and maximize your child’s or your own swimming potential. Waves’ highly experienced and professional coaches along with our unique facilities (the only 50m pool in the shire) and a safe and friendly environment cater for all squad levels

Our Squads include:

Mini Squads
Junior Squads
Senior Squads
Tri Squads /Adult Squads

Waves Swim Academy Clinics are held during the School Holidays and on various weekends, to complement and extend upon, the stroke, skills and drills taught during regular training.

Starts, Turns and Finishes Clinic
Dive Clinic
Stroke Specific Clinics
Holiday Intensive Clinics