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Go4Fun is a FREE 10 week healthy lifestyle program for NSW kids aged 7-13 who are above a healthy weight. The program focuses on improving: -Eating habits -Fitness -Confidence Go4Fun programs are led by trained qualified health professionals and take place after school, running parallel with school terms. Children and their families have fun and become fitter, healthier and happier

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Go 4 Fun

Every Saturday during school terms, we will host the Go4Fun program here at Waves. Go4Fun is a fun, energising and interactive program for children and their parents to help families make positive steps to becoming fitter, healthier and happier. And the best part – the program is FREE!


Go4Fun is run by qualified dieticians/ nutritionists and exercise leaders, as part of a NSW Health Initiative. In the program, children participate in group exercise that is fun and engaging with a qualified instructor and can make new friends. Parents get to learn about behaviour change, and how to positively change their children’s eating and physical activity habits.

Also, every week, children and their parents get to learn about healthy eating, through fun and interesting games and discussions. One week there is even a supermarket tour where participants can learn how to read labels and whether there are better options than their current packaged food choices – especially for snacks and lunchbox foods!

Go4Fun is a perfect weekend group activity to provide exercise and healthy eating advice. Children set goals to work towards achieving over the program duration, and receive incentives and rewards along the way to congratulate them on their positive changes! Some of these rewards include exercise equipment and Rebel gift cards.

Families that participate in the program say that after Go4Fun there are positive long term changes to their family’s lifestyles. This includes an increase in physical activity (that participants enjoy!) and an increase in healthy food consumption.

If you are concerned about your children’s weight and they are between 7-13 years old, get in contact with the Go4Fun team and register to participate in the program. Let your friends know about the program and encourage them to join in the fun with you!

Register at: https://go4fun.com.au/#register

For more information: https://go4fun.com.au/what

To check your child’s Body Mass Index to see if they are in a healthy weight range: https://go4fun.com.au/why/bmi-calculator